Daily Programme

Older Group

07h15  Morning care
08h15  School opens ¹
08h30  Morning Ring (including life skills)
08h55  Mathematics (whole class)
09h15  Mathematics (small groups) ²
09h45  Language
10h00  Art
10h20  Music/ Physical Education
10h40  Wee and wash
10h45  Outdoor Play and Healthy Snack (provided by the school)
11h15  Emergent Literature ³
11h25  Language (small groups) ⁴
11h50  Phonics ⁵
12h05  Micro (small group activities) ⁶
12h45  Storytime
13h00  Home Time

¹ Parents are encouraged to arrive a little before Morning Ring starts and involve themselves with their children.
² We follow the new Grade R mathematics curriculum.
³ Emergent reading and writing, read-and-do activities, listening and speaking activities, art and construction, both teacher-directed and independent.
⁴ We use the CAPS-aligned STELLAR Programme by Wordworks.
⁵ Written work, sensory work and phonic games.
⁶ Educational maths and language games, cutting activities and workbook activities.