October 2019


Every year, Mrs. Rushby has the onerous task of convincing the children that the sponsored walk is NOT A RACE! Try telling that to the dads lined up for this year’s dash across the track. Some dads reportedly even tried to log their efforts on Strava!

February 2019


With the new year well underway and the children getting stuck into all things work and play related, it was time for the Barkly House families to get to know each other over a picnic supper. The weather played ball, and the children played every other game under the setting sun.

January 2019


A collection of Barkly House photographs that span more than half a century found their way back into the light during Barkly House’s move to Kenilworth. Those who were involved with “the old Barkly House” might recognise our big tree, elements of the architecture, or even the wire racks and mixing bowls from our Harfield days. Some of the photos are from earlier times. Spotted someone or something you know? Tell us.

December 2018


There are some unexpected benefits of camping at Barkly House: friends everywhere, bedtime stories with Mrs. Rushby, hot beverages on tap, and artificial lawn – no roots, no dust! The braai happened earlier in the year. Here’s a parent’s understanding of why: the children were learning about dinosaurs, some dinosaurs were carnivores, carnivores eat meat, people also eat meat, we must have a braai. Fair enough.

December 2018


Our 2018 school year ended with a whirlwind of activity, culminating in the annual nativity play. By the end of the evening, all the Barkly House children had had their moment to shine, whether by singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, or just by being the angels that they mostly are.

November 2018


Do you know what a limpet’s home scar is? Can you identify Cow’s Tongue Seaweed? If not, ask one of the Older Group children! Their visit to the Hout Bay rock pools began with a briefing on what to look out for, and then they set out to explore the tidal zone. This year’s finds included star fish, anemones, crabs, mussels and, of course, the ubiquitous Egyptian Goose and its gosling.

November 2018


At Barkly House, the Middle and Older Group children go on an outing every term, but the Younger Group children have to wait until the end of the year. Last week, they got their first taste of the fun, making their way to Imhoff Farm for a morning with the animals. The week before, it was the turn of the Middle Group children to go and see the penguins at Boulders Beach. And next week the Older Group children will be exploring the rock pools near Hout Bay.

October 2018


The Barkly House sports day started with the sponsored walk: six laps around the tennis courts. But that was just a warm up for the main events. The Younger Group children dashed down the track with beanbags, the Middle Group children nursed potatoes on spoons over the finish line, the Older Group children hopped their way to victory in the sack race, and everyone won a medal! Siblings and parents then got an opportunity to show what they were made of. Some ran for glory; others ran for the boerewors rolls.

October 2018


After having to cancel Bikeathon last term (remember that fantastic storm?), the Barkly House children were rearing to go this morning. On Mrs. Rushby’s insistence, most stuck to an easy pace for the first two or three laps, but there was no slowing anyone down after that! Injuries? Zero. Well done cyclists! Thanks to the PTA who organised welcomed refreshments for our thirsty athletes and their cheering parents.