Barkly House Kenilworth

At Barkly House we approach education with a view to the future of our children.

Our motto is ex fine origo: in my end is my beginning.

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2 turning 3

08h30 – 12h15

3 turning 4

08h30 – 12h15

4 turning 5

08h30 – 12h30

5 turning 6

08h30 – 13h00

We use an integrated approach to learning. We encourage play and discovery. We foster creativity throughout the school day.

We want our children to be lifelong learners. We promote holistic development through play in a structured environment.

Established over eight decades ago, and with a rich heritage rooted in teacher training, Barkly House continues to build its legacy as a preschool marked by teaching excellence.

from 07h00

until 17h00

07h45 – 16h00

Barkly House is registered with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). Our teaching staff are registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and are bound by SACE’s Code of Professional Ethics. All staff are trained in pediatric first aid every two years.

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